January-February 1995

Theme: The Holy Spirit

Editor’s Journal
Introduces the articles which cover the various aspects and functions of the holy spirit.

The Holy Spirit in our Lives
A practical review of how the hol spirit operates in the Christian life.

The Power of the Holy Spirit
Dicussing both its mecanical power in creative works and its transforming power in personal life.

Spirit Begettal
Showing how the holy spirit begets a new life in the individual Christian.

Life in the Spirit
What it means to live, not according to the flesh, but according to the spirit.

The Comforter
This verse by verse study of John 16, examines Jesus’ promise that, after his departure from the earth, the holy spirit would come as a Comforter.

The Witness of the Holy Spirit
Demonsrating how the Christian knows for a certainty that he is a child of God.

Sealed with the Holy Spirit of Promise
Examining yet another aspect of the holy spirit, how it is a surety of life to come.

The Feet of the Image
A closer look at the image of Nebuchadnezzar ad its relationship to the forces of Islam.