July-August 1995

Theme: Christian Living

Editor’s Journal
Introducing the theme of the Christian life in its various aspects.

Seven Threads of Faithfulness
Seven secrets to living a successful Christian life.

Outward Polish vs. Inward Grace
The Question Box feature examines the distinction between internal character and outward politeness.

Joy and Love
A comparison of two virtues and an analysis of joy, with its ingredients and its foes.

Anger and Love
Practical tips on the handling of anger and controlling ones temper.

When God Hides Himself
This verse by verse study in Job 23 deals with coping with discouragement and depression.

Bearing the Grief of Others
The art of giving comfort and cosolation to the grieving and bereaved.

Privileges and Responsibilities of Christan Couples
Christian ideals carry over into the husband wife relationshp and the choosing of a life mate.

God’s Instruction: Go Forward
As it was to Israel at the Red Sea, so at every crossroad of life, God’s instruction is "Go Forward!"