Januaruy-February 1996

Theme: A Sense of Urgency

Editor’s Journal
The proximity of the new millennium stimulates a sense of ugency.

Nearer Than When We First Believed
Prophetic conditions in the world today indicate the imminence of God’s kingdom.

The Creation in Travail
God’s Kingdom is the "Golden Age," the Utopia which man has always sought.

A Strait Betwixt Two
Paul’s selects the best of three alternatives: to live, to die, or for the Lord to return.

The Lord’s ReturnA Sense of Urgency
Examining the proper Christian respose to the fact of the Lord’s return.

The Hope
A closer at both the essential ingredients and the unique characteristics of the Christian’s hope.

Consuming Zeal
Practical ways to obtain, maintain, and regain Christian zeal for God and is cause.

As Always, So Now
The Apostle Paul’s experiences under house arrest in Rome show the same constancy of devotion of his earlier more active ministry.

As Pants the Hart
This verse by verse study in Psalm 46 considers the urgency of desire to be in the courts of the Lord’s house.