July-August 1996

Theme: Israel in Prophecy

Editors’ Journal
The Bible not only relates the history of Israel but predicts a bright prophetic future.

The Near Future of Israel
The Bible has both good news and bad news in store for the Israeli. This article investigates both.

The Conversion of Israel
The Bible speaks of Israel accepting their Mesiah, but future in God’s own time and way.

This Land Is Mine
An investigation into the promised biblical borders for regathered Israel and God’s promises for both the Jew and the Arab.

God’s Witnesses and Servant
God has unconditionally promise certain blessings to the people of Israel.

Jehovah Returns to Zion
God’s favor returning to Israel is the theme of this verse by verse study in Zechariah 8.

Real Heroes
The faithfu patriarchs, prophets, and others of faith in ancient Israel will be the role models for mankind in the kingdom.

Two Roles in a Future Drama
Restored Israel and their resurrected faithful of old will each have unique and distinct roles to play in God’s Kingdom.

Question Box
Who are the "priests and Levites" of Isaiah 66:21?