March-April 1996

Theme: The Last Week of Jesus’ Life

Editor’s Journal
Introduces the articles which cover, succesively, the last seven days of Jesus on earth.

Hosanna to the Son of David
Sunday-Monday, Nisan 10—A look at the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem four days before his last Passover.

Cleansing the Temple
Monday-Tuesday, Nisan 11—Examining the significance of Hesus’ act of driving the money-changers out of the temple.

Our Lord’s Great Prophecy
Tuesday-Wednesday, Nisan 12—Comparing the Olivet prophecy of Christ’s return in three gospel records and showing parallel fulfillment in both the end of the Jewish and Gospel ages.

A Day of Rest
Wednesday-Thursday, Nisan 13—The day before the crucifixion was a relatively quiet day, yet not a day of inactivity.

This is the Day the Lord hath Made
Thursday-Friday, Nisan 14—The arrest, trial, and crucifixion of Jesus result in final victory.

Fasting in the Bridechamber
Friday-Saturday, Nisan 15—Sorrow and confusion prevail among the disciples on the day following his death.

Early in the Morning
Saturday-Sunday, Nisan 16—Unbridled joy, but confusion also, follow the news of Jesus’ resurrection.

Jesus: Our Rod and Our Rock
This verse by verse study in Exodus 17 demonstrates how the ministry of Jesus is foreshadowed in the Old Testament.