November-December 1996
Theme: A Spiritual Election

Editors’ Journal
Introducing the theme of a spiritual election and what it means to the Christian.

The Sacrifice of Thanksgiving
Examining what God desires from the Christian as expressions of thanksgiving.

The Christmas Story
Fresh insights into an often-told narrative.

The Drawing Power of God
How God brings an individual to the point of making a full commitment to him.

Consecration: The Blessed Life
What does it mean to wholly follow the Lord?

The Mother of Moses
The story of Moses’ birth is an allegory of the Christian’s consecrated life.

Justified by Faith
A look at the blessed privileges of having the righteousness of Christ imputed to a Christian.

Sanctification: Through the Spirit and the Truth
Discussing two roles in the process of being set apart as holy for the service of God.

The Works That Follow
A Christian does not cease his work at death, but his works continue on.

Steps to Glory as Shown in the Tabernacle
Israel’s tabernacle in the wilderness illustrates the Christian’s walk to glory.