January-February 1997
Theme: Coping with Life
Practical Suggestions as to how to cope with the stresses of today's world.

Editors’ Journal
Introducing the theme of Coping With Life in 1997.

The Spirit, Mind and Stress
Looking at ways to handle the stress of modern society.

Peace: The Gift of Jesus
Getting used to handling the hectic pace of life.

A Perfect Hatred
How to handle anger and control one’s temper.

Such a Man as I
This verse by verse Bible study in Nehemiah 6 illustrates methods of coping with opposition.

Lift Your Drooping Hands
Practical suggestions for handling depression.

He Addeth No Sorrow
Fresh insights into coping with difficult physical and financial situations.

Sorrowing Not as Others
Personal testimonies of three Christians who have suddenly lost loved ones in death.

Christian Conformity
Handling peer pressure and being a non-conformist in today’s world.

Satan Hath Desired You
The Christian’s Adversary is still very much at work today.