July-August 1997

Theme: Ages and Dispensations

Editors' Journal
Introducing the theme of how God divides his plan into separate ages and dispensations.

The World That Was
Discussing the events on the earth from the Garden of Eden until the great flood of Noah’s day.

The Age of Promise
Abraham, in the Patriarchal age, obeys God and God made an oath with him that through his seed all the families of the earth would be blessed.

Choosing a Special People
During the Jewish age God began developing the nation of Israel for a still future role to be played in his plan for all mankind.

Amazing Grace of the Gospel
In the Gospel age, Gentiles as well as Jews are called to be part of a special elect class, the Chrch, or Bride, of Christ.

Light in the Evening
In the Millenium, or Kingdom age, man willbe progressing toward an everlasting epoch of peace.

The Purpose of Harvests
"Harvests" in God’s plan mark the transitions from one age to another.

More to Follow
The Ages to Come wll bring the eternal utopia of peace for which man has long prayed, "Thy Kingdom come,. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,"

God’s Eternal Purpose
In this verse by verse study of the first chapter of Ephesians, the entire of God’s divine plan of the ages is delineated.

News & Views
News of prophetic interest from around the world