March-April 1997

Theme: Israel’s Passover

Editors’ Journal
Introducing the theme of the Passover of the ancient Israelites.

The Passover Lamb
The traditonal selection of the Pascal Lamb as a picture of Jesus, the "Lamb of God."

Cleaning House
Christians, like ancient Isrsel, must cleanse themselves of the leaven of sin.

A Little Leaven
Self-Examination is required to rid oneself of the leavening influences of life.

Wth Staff in Hand
The Passover was to be eaten with full expectations of a speedy deliverance.

God Divideth the Sea
In this verse by verse study of Exodus 14, the parting of the Red Sea is thoroughly examined.

The Beginning of Months
Israel’s Passover triggered an entire change of the timing of their new year with the inroduction of a religious year.

Eat Thy Bread, Drink Thy Wine
The symbols Jesus introduced at the Last Supper have their background in Old Testament pictures.

Where is the Lamb?
The journey olf Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac, pctures God offering his son, Jesus.