September-October 1997

Theme: Meet Your Brethern of the Early Church

An introduction to the theme of meeting Christians from the early church and their custom of "breaking bread from house to house."

One Heart and One Soul
Love, zeal, and a common vision were the ingredients that held the primitive church together.

Last at the Cross, First at the Tomb
The story of Mary Magdalene, a sinner who became a saint, "saved by grace."

A Man Full of Faith
Stephen, the first Christian martyr, influenced the Apostle Paul and was an accomplished scholar of the Old Testament as well.

A Partnership in Christ
Aquila and Priscilla set a high example of working together for the furtherance of the Gospel.

One of Paul’s Crown Jewels
Lydia, the first convert in Europe, exhibited no less than seven of the graces of the spirit.

An Eloquent Orator
Apollos, the golden-tongued orator from Alexandria is dramatically presented in this article reprinted from the respected British journal, Bible Study Monthly.

The Traveling Evangelist
Titus, Paul’s right-hand man, travels nearly as much in establishing the early church on three continents.

Philemon and Onesimus
A slave owners’s slave becomes his Christian brother and both become bondsaves to Christ. A tender and touching account.

John’s Well-Beloved
Gaius was a great comfort to the ancient apostle. Much is revealed in this verse by verse study in 3 John.

News of prophetic interest from around the world