July-August 1998

Theme: Creation vs. Evolution

A review of the entire issue on the theme of Creation vs. Evolution

Highlights of Creation
An overview of the creative process as described in the first chapter of Genesis.

Old Creation, New Creation
Showing the relationship between the Genesis creation and the new creation.

Creation, Evolution and DNA
Scientific evidence that man evolved from a single created pair.

The Creation-Evolution Controversy

Does Scientific Evidence Point to a Creator?
Stimulating discussion on an oft-asked question.

The First World, the Flood, and Current Scientific Consensus
Recent evidenced to support the biblical account of the flood.

Jehovah, the Omniscient
A verse by verse study in Job 38 on the marvels of creation.

Great and Precious Promises
Words of encouragement from the Word of God.

News from around the world of interest to Christians.