May-June 1998

Theme: Israel at Fifty

Identifying the theme of Israel's 50th Anniversary as a state.

A general article outlining the role of Israel in the plan of God.

The Future of Israel
A look at the prophetic prospects for the nation of Israel.

Gathering Out the Stones
Relating the experiences of historic Israel to their future work in God's kingdom.

Israel at Fifty
A collection of five past Herald articles from each decade of Israel's history as a nation.

A Grander Jubilee
This verse by verse study in Acts 3 shows the glorious prospects ahead for God's chosen people.

When the Day Breaks
A poem of Israel's bright tomorrow.

Israel's Call
A poem delineating God's plan in dealing with Israel.

The Foundation of Israel's Hopes
A brief quote showing the scriptural basis for the hopes of Israel.

Declaration of Israel's Independence 1948
The official declaration of statehood for the nation of Israel.

A Visit to Israel's Birthplace
A description from the Jerusalem Post of the historic events of May 15, 1948.

Significant items from the news media of events around the world.