January-February 1999

Theme: Making All Things New

A review of the entire issue on the theme of Making All Things New

Looking to the New Year
Reminds us of the gratitude we feel toward God for all his mercies toward us during the past year and those we anticipate in the year to come.

To Live Is Christ

The secret of happiness is in a life lived "in Christ" and fully committed to him.

The Crown of the Year
A verse by verse study of Psalm 65.

The New Creation
Looks at the many details that make Christian new and different from what they were before.

God Hears the Heavens
Examines the biblical promise of a new heavens.

God's Promise for a New Earth
Looks at the many provisions God has made for the future of life on planet earth.

New Jerusalem
Gives a beautiful glimpse of the inspiring vision of John the Revelator.

A New Covenant
Considers the Old and New Testament use of this term, and analyzes some of the puzzling details regarding this covenant.

News from around the world of interest to Christians.