November-December 1999
Theme: Foundation Doctrines

Introducing the subject of Foundation Doctrines

The Plan of God
An outline of God’s purposes for the future of mankind

The Doctrine of the Trinity
Examining the complexities of the doctrine of the Trinity

The Resurrection of the Dead
A verse by verse study in 1 Corinthians 15

Ransom and Restitution—How Long, O Lord?
The connection between the two central doctrines of salvation

One Redeemer, Many Saviors
A look at the works shared by Jesus with his church

Salvation—Heavenly and Earthly
God has planned for everlasting life both in heaven and on earth

Where Are the Dead?
Investigating the nature of death and whether there is life after death

The Alphabet of the Ages
A memory guide to the pyramids on the chart of the ages

Worth Meditating On
A short meditation on Psalm 23

Power Over Death
A short devotion on the resurrection of the dead

News from around the world of interest to Christians.