September-October 1999
Theme: Women of the Old Testament

An introduction to the theme of "Women of the Old Testament"

The story of the jealousy between the two wives of Jacob

Tragedy at Shechem
A verse by verse study in Genesis 34.

Jochebed, Amram, Shiphrah, Puah
The midwives of Moses’ mother under the Pharaoh’s death edict.

Three experiences in the life of the wife of Moses.

A female prophet and a hero of faith.

A Woman Not Remembered
How an unnamed woman saved an entire city.

A Hard Message for a Good King
A prophetess’ message for good king Josiah.

Esther for Our Times
A prophetic message for our day from the life a remarkable Persian queen.

Short Items:

Orpah-A Lesser Love
Why Orpah remained in Moab.

Jochebed Surrenders Moses
God’s overruling in the raising of Moses.

Pharaoh’s Daughter
A poem of God’s providences.

News from around the world of interest to Christians.