July-August 2000
Theme: The Inspiration of the Bible

Introducing the subject of the Inspiration of the Bible

The Inspiration of the Bible
Presenting evidence from history and prophecy that the Bible is the inspired Word of God.

Preservation of the Law of God
A verse by verse study in Nehemiah 8, demonstrating the carefulness in preserving the accuracy of Sacred Scripture.

Divine Foreknowledge in the Book of Daniel
Analyzing the accuracy of one of the most profound prophecies of the Old Testament.

Genesis and Geophysics
Analyzing the harmony of scientific evidence with the Genesis account of Creation.

Buried Treasures
Examining a portion of the archaeological evidence that the Bible is true.

The Bible and the Spade
Summarizing the harmony between the Bible and the accumulated evidence for its accuracy.

Short clips of interest to all from the daily press.

Poems and Prose:
 Ode from the 19th Psalm
 In the Beginning
 Nature's Testimony
 The Bible
 The Bible--The Sure Word of God