May-June 2000
Theme: Christian Living

Introducing the theme of "Christian Living"

That Which Is Least
Examining the attributes of Love as given by the Apostle in 1 Corinthians 13

Obedience and Sacrifice
Obeying the will of God entails a path of sacrifice for the Christian

Practical scriptural advice on talking with God in prayer

Acceptable Service
What would God have us do with our time and talents?

Quiet Time with God
The necessity for Christian meditation

The Sanctified Life
A verse by verse study in Romans 12

Doing God's Will
The "active" part of Christian living/

News briefs on the world around us.

Poems and Short Features:
Great Truths
Serving the Lord in Little Things
A Prayer
The Praying Hands
Motivational Knowledge
Profitable Daily Tithing
The Blessings of Solitude
A Solitary Way
Trusting When We Do Not Know
Not Understood