November-December 2000
Theme: The Torah

Introducing the theme of The Torah, the five books of Moses which open the Bible.
In the Beginning

In The Beginning,
narrating the creation of the earth to the death of Joseph.

Dwelling with God
The Book of Exodus, treating God's dealings with Israel during their 40-year journey from Egypt to Canaan.

Laws of Redemption
The Book of Leviticus, containing a catalog of the ceremonial laws of the ancient Hebrews.

The Offerings of the Law
A second exposition on Leviticus, detailing the various sacrifices prescribed by God.

In the Wilderness
The Book of Numbers, continuing the history of Israel during their wilderness wanderings.

The Heart of the Mediator Revealed
The Book of Deuteronomy, showing how Moses prefigured Christ as Mediator.

The Antiquity of the Books of Moses
An introduction to the booklet of the same name, also contained on this web page.

Poems and Devotions
A collection of poems and short prose for devotional reading.

Items from the current press of interest to students of the Bible.

Extra Items not in the printed issue of The Herald:

Moses Blesses Israel
A verse by verse commentary on Deuteronomy 33, defining the blessings of Moses for the various tribes of Israel.

Antiquity of the Books of Moses
The full text of the booklet by this name introduced in the short synopsis listed above.