September-October 2000
Theme: The Church

Outlining the contents of this issue on The Church-The Bride of Christ

God’s Purpose for the Church
Giving the reasons and object of the Church in the Plan of God

Buried in Water
A detailed discussion of Christian baptism and its ancient origins

Declaring the End from the Beginning
Probing the concepts of God’s foreknowledge and predestination

Making the Church Righteous
Answering the question of what justification is and what it does

Duties of a Holy Priesthood
How sanctification sets apart a special class for the service of God

The Deliverance of the Church
An honest look at the concept of a rapture and how the Church is raised to heavenly life.

Unity with Diversity
A verse by verse study in the fourth chapter of Ephesians.

Devotional Poems and Prose
Thoughts to life the spirit

Items from the current media of interest to Christians.