July-August 2001
Theme: The Book of Revelation

In the Beginning (The Book of Revelation)
Introducing the theme of the Book of Revelation.

The Seven Messengers
Leaders of the true church, like the priests at the seige of Jericho under Joshua, are the messengers. Specific names are given.

The Seven Seals
Opening the seals occurs during the entire Gospel age. The four horsemen of the Apocalypse all represent Papacy, the Antichrist.

The Beast, False Prophet, and Dragon
Two false religious systems, symbolized by the beast and the false prophet, joined with civil power (the dragon), are the enemies of both the church and the world.

News and Views
Selected items from the world press.

The Seven Trumpets
The sounding of the trumpets are another description of the events in the Gospel age. The last three are "woes" upon Papacy: the Reformation, the French Revolution, and the Second Advent.

A Gospel Age Overview
A verse-by-verse study in Revelation 12, a single chapter that provides a brief summary of the Gospel age.

The Seven Last Plagues
The most fearful symbology in Revelation is contained in the seven last plagues. We are living at the close of the fifth plague.

Poems and Short Features:
The Christian Commission
Christ’s Glorious Kingdom
Revelation: A Coded Message, A Special Blessing