March-April 2001
Theme: Jesus' Last Days

In the Beginning
The Last Days of Jesus’ Life

Berating the Scribes and Pharisees
A sermon of judgment or perhaps an illustration of love for all mankind. (Matthew 23)

A Supper in Bethany
Mary anoints the feet of the Master as a final gesture of love. (John 12:1-19)

We Would See Jesus
Philip and Andrew relay the request of the Greeks for an audience with Jesus. (John 12:20-50)

In the Upper Room
A comforting message to his disciples after the Last Supper. (John 14)

News and Views
Current events of interest to students of the Bible.

A Legacy of Peace
A conversation during the long walk from the upper room to Gethsemane. (John 15 and 16)

A Prayer for Oneness
Revealing the Master’s tender heart in his final intercessory prayer. (A verse-by-verse study of John 17)

Contrasts in Courage
Comparing the calmness of the Nazarene with the troubled heart of Peter. (John 18)

Parables of the Lost
A typical lesson of Jesus, blending five parables into one powerful sermon. (Luke 15 and 16)

Poems and Short Features:
Alabaster Boxes
"Father, Glorify thy Name"
Is It I?
Our Father’s Care Falling to Rise Again
Prodigal, Return!
Tell Me About the Master