November-December 2001
Theme: Heroes of Faith

In the Beginning
Establishing the theme of  “Heroes of Faith”

Father of the Faithful
The patriarch ABRAHAM received God’s promise to bless himand, through him, "all the families of the earth." He provedhisfaith in the most trying test imaginable.

A Man of Peace
In the land of the Philistines ISAAC repeatedly follows a courseofpeace in spite of repeated provocations.”

A Lesson in Retributive Justice
JACOB’s life demonstrates that acts have consequences. His deception of his father Isaac resulted in much heartache for himand his mother Rebecca.

News and Views
A collection of news items from the media of interest to Bible Students.

Submission Under Injustice
JOSEPH is a paragon of grace under pressure. On several occasionshe suffered through no fault of his own. Yet in the endheblesses those who in earlier years thought to kill him.

Like a Caged Bird
HEZEKIAH was one of Judah’s greatest kings. Because of hisfaith God delivered Jerusalem from the evil Assyrian king Sennacherib.

Short Features:
Victorious Faith
Ernest Watchfulness,
Triumphant Zion,
Faith in Our Father