January-February 2002
Theme: The Seven Churches of the Apostle Paul

In the Beginning
Introducing the theme of the “Seven Churches of the Apostle Paul.”

The Righteousness of God
Paul’s letter to ROME discusses man’s approach to a righteous God.

Practical Problems with Modern Relevance
CORINTH, a trouble church, has problems which mirror those of our day.

The Law Covenant and the Promise Covenant
The epistle to GALATIA discusses the difference between the Jewish and Christian covenants.

A Prisoner's Exhortations
The church at EPHESUS receives a fatherly letter of admonition.

News and Views
A collection of news items from the media of interest to Bible Students.

Paul's "Thank-You" Letter
A grateful apostle expresses his gratitude to the loving church at PHILIPPI.

Things on Earth and Things in Heaven
Paul’s epistle to COLLOSAE, a church he had never visited.

Struggles of an Infant Church
Two letters to THESSALONICA emphasize both doctrine and exhortation.

Visions of Eden
What Must It Be to Be There
Bound by Invisible