May-June 2002
Theme: Living the Beatitudes

In the Beginning
Introducing the theme of “Living the Beatitudes”

The Pursuit of Blessedness
Discussing the order in which the beatitudes are given and the foundation of poverty of spirit.

Blessed Tears
Why a mourning attitude is a blessed and happy attitude of heart.

Looking at meekness as a precursor to all learning experiences.

An Appetite for Righteousness
Examining ways and means for increasing a desire for spiritual values.

Mercy for the Mercifulness
A deeper look at the reciprocal properties of the grace of mercifulness.

Intentions of the Heart
A treatise on the source of all human emotions and affections.

Peace Making-Past, Present, and Future
A look at great peace makers of the past, and the training now for a peacemaking work of the future.

Endurers of Persecution
Some helpful hints on how the Christian is to handle opposition and persecution.

News and Views
Selected items from the world’s media of interest to all Christians.

Poems and Short Items