November-December 2002
Theme: The Tabernacle

In the Beginning
Introducing the theme of the Tabernacle

Three Days’ Journey
The Camp of Israel had to be holy before it could be God’s dwelling place.

Approaching God
The riches of God are hidden. Few travel from the Camp through the Court to reach his "house."

The Holy
Those in the Holy receive spiritual enlightenment and nourishment from God’s word.

The Sanctuary
The Most Holy represents a rebirth on the spirit plane to be ever in the divine presence of God.

News and Views
Items of interest to students of the Bible

A Priestly Calling
Israel’s unblemished priest shows that those who serve God must overcome spiritual deficiencies.

The Lord’s Side
The Levites are taken instead of the first-born and serve God in the Tabernacle.

From Shadow to Reality
This verse-by-verse study of Hebrews 9 considers some of the spiritual lessons of the Tabernacle.

Poems and Short Features:
The Tabernacle, p. 26
Building the Tabernacle, p. 34
Manna, September 26, Back Cover