Poems and Short Features

The Power of Prayer

Have you ever watched a bird sleeping on its perch and never falling off? How does it manage to do this?

The secret is the tendons of the bird’s legs. They are so constructed that when the leg is bent at the knee, the claws contract and grip like a steel trap. The claws refuse to let go until the knees are unbent again. The bended knee gives the bird the ability to hold on to his perch so tightly.

From sleeping birds we can learn the secret of holding things which are most precious to us—honesty, purity, thoughtfulness, honor, character. That secret is the knee bent in prayer, seeking to get a firmer grip on those values which make life worth living. When we hold firmly to God in prayer, we can rest assured he will hold tightly to us.

“Seek the Lord, and his strength: seek his face evermore.”—Psalm 105:4


Treasures from the Gospel of Luke

Let us explore the Gospel of Luke
To see what treasures it holds.
Truths to nourish both mind and heart
Emerge as its message unfolds.

 Jesus, the Son of God, is the theme:
His words of wisdom and grace,
Prayers and miracles, sinless life,
His death to redeem the lost race.

Luke, Paul's companion, Gentile by birth,
Had broad perspective and scope.
Details that this physician wrote
Add substance and strength to our hope.

Tidings of joy the angels proclaimed!
The shepherds listened in awe.
Eager witnesses they became
To share what they heard and they saw.

Jesus' ancestral right to be King
And heir to David's great throne
Came through Mary: The faithful line
Of Nathan through Heli is shown.

Soon would the "rich man" -- Israel -- "die"
And lose chief favor and place.
Thus would "Lazarus" beg no more
As Gentiles received of God's grace.

Cleansed from our sin; our "leprosy" gone!
Do we give thanks and rejoice?
One of ten who were healed gave praise:
It was the Samaritan's voice.

Building great barns to store all his goods,
One man felt very secure.
Oh, how foolish! When life is o'er,
Just heavenly riches endure.

 Humbly he came, confessing his need;
God heard the Publican's prayer.
Pride and boasting cannot be ours
If we with our Master would share.

Turmoil surrounded Jesus' arrest.
A sword cut off a man's ear.
Jesus healed it. His time had come;
He'd willingly die, it was clear.

Sad and perplexed, two walked down the road;
They thought their trust was in vain.
Then "a stranger," the risen Lord,
Made all of the prophecies plain.

Treasures of truth, surpassing rare gems,
Remain eternally bright.
They will sanctify, cheer and heal.
Let's prayerfully use them aright.

--Elaine L. Redeker