January-February 2003
Theme: King David

In the Beginning
Introducing the theme of the King David

David and Goliath
Prophetic meaning in an enduring episode

The Star of David and the Star of Bethlehem
The history of the symbol, blended with a famous prophecy

Saul, Jonathan, and David
Examples, warnings, and typical meaning in the lives of three famous men.

Nine Men in the Life of Bathsheba
Small biographies with profitable lessons

News and Views
Current events of interest to students of the Bible

The Revolt of Absalom
This Hebrew tragedy foreshadowed an even greater tragedy years later

Nathan the Prophet
A fearless prophet brought a blinded king to repentance

Two Psalms of David
Meanings to David and Messiah

The Bethlehem Trilogy
Jesus’ birthplace in three important narratives

Poems and Short Features
     A Lesson from David’s Life
     In the Hand of God