March-April 2003
Theme: The Roles of Jesus

In the Beginning
Introducing the theme of  The Roles of Jesus

God's Only Begotten Son
An examination of the title "Only Begotten Son"

Jesus the Suffering Servant
Why the Son of God had to endure such suffering and loss of reputation.

Closer Than a Brother
The familial relationship between Jesus and his followers investigated.

The Last "Hillel"
A verse-by-verse treatise on the last of the psalms traditionally sung at the Passover seder.

News and Views
Current events of interest to students of the Bible

Reconciliation For All
How the death of one man atones for the death of all the children of Adam.

Building the Temple
Lessons drawn from the various edifices of worship in ancient Israel.

A Crisis of Confidence
Looking at the tensions in the world since 9/11.

Poems and Short Features
     The Word of God
     The Tools of the Master Builder
     This Wonderful Period
     Tell Me About the Master