January-February 2004
Theme: The Great Pyramid

In the Beginning
The Great Pyramid − a wonder of the ancient world.

A Distant Revelation
Godís plan for man has been encoded in the silent language of symbol, line, and measure. 

The Giza Plateau
Other structures on this world ďstageĒ also have a story to tell. 

Descending Passage and Pit
Generally an underground crypt is associated with death as is the one in the Great Pyramid .

The Well and the Grotto
The Great Pyramid was built above a below-ground grotto. It and the connecting shaft represent Jesus. 

News and Views
Items of interest to the Christian from the media of today. 

Ascending Passage and Grand Gallery
The Law age did not give life to anyone; the Gospel age does. 

Queenís Chamber
A chamber with deliberately blocked air tubes pictures a place for all to live eternally

Kingís Chamber
The highest and most beautiful room in the Great Pyramid pictures divine life in heaven

The Burden of Egypt
A verse by verse study of Isaiah 19 

Poems and Short Features
Godís Witness of Stone
The Royal Cubit
        The Great Pyramid