July-August 2004
Theme: The Church in Symbol

In the Beginning
Introducing the theme of the The Church in Symbol

Old Testament Portrayals of the Church 
The Lord’s goat, candlestick, and the lives of several people describe the church in the Old Testament.

The Song of Solomon
Although often misunderstood, this book is really the most precious “song” in the entire Bible.

Bride and Bridegroom
Psalm 45 prophetically describes the marriage of Jesus and the church (verse-by-verse study).

News and Views
Items of interest to the Christian from the media of today

New Testament Portrayals of the Church
Jewels, wheat, virgins, vine and branches, and other symbols describe the church in the New Testament.

The Bride of Christ
No picture matches the love, joy, and delight as that of bridegroom and bride.

Living Stones 
Jesus is the “chief cornerstone” and believers are “living stones” which become God’s great temple.

The Psychology of Sheep
Ten key characteristics of sheep makes a flock an apt symbol of the church.

Poems and Short Features
Beyond the Veil
The Church in Glory
Psalm 23
Many Pictures: One True Church