March-April 2004
Theme: The Passover

In the Beginning
Historic celebrations of the Passover of ancient Israel.

The Last Supper

Where Jesus instituted a new Memorial at Passover time.
Time Elements of the Passover: Type and Antitype

On what time of day was the Passover lamb slain and when was it eaten?

The Eleventh Plague: The Eleventh Miracle

Lessons from the miraculous crossing of the Red Sea by Israel

The Passover Renewed
Israel crosses the Jordan River dry-shod and celebrates the Passover in the promised land

The Passover of Hezekiah
A memorable renewal of the Passover observance

It Is a Fearful Thing
King Josiah reinstitutes the Passover celebration as part of a great reform

Crossing the Jordan
A verse by verse study in 2 Kings 2 where Elijah and Elisha cross the river Jordan

News and Views
Items of interest to the Christian from today’s media.

Poems and Short Features
        Purge Out The Old Leaven