September-October 2004
Theme: Returning from Babylon

In the Beginning
Introduces the theme of Israel’s return from ancient Babylon.

The Rise and Fall of Babylon
The political situation in the Middle East had world-wide impact in the 6th century BC.

People With a Purpose
Ezra and Nehemiah were two dedicated leaders of the rebuilding of Jerusalem.

Fleeing Mystic Babylon
The flight from ancient Babylon pictures a far more impending in the end times.

Haggai and the Second Temple
An inspiring prophet incites the people to action and to worship.

Rebuilding the Temple
A verse-by-verse study in Ezra 3.

The First Return from Exile
Reprinting a Herald article from 1922 on the consequences of the Jewish return to Jerusalem.

Zechariah’s Visions of God’s Plan
In a series of eight visions an ancient prophet visually depicts important features of the plan of God.

News and Views
Current event of interest to Christians everywhere.

Poems and Short Features
     Babylon is Fallen
      Cease Ye From Man