January-February 2005
Theme: The Gospel of Matthew


In the Beginning 
Introduces the theme of The Gospel of Matthew

The King and His Kingdom 
The words king and kingdom appear more often in Matthew than in Mark, Luke, or.

“That It Might Be Fulfilled”
There are more Old Testament references in Matthew than in the other gospels.

The Kingdom of Heaven
This phrase, used only by Matthew, was the main subject of Jesus’ ministry.

Secrets of the Kingdom 
Many parables speak of the kingdom in coded language, and are understood|
only by few.

News and Views

Jesus’ Birth and Childhood 
The visit of gift-giving wise men is one of several events described only by Matthew.

The Beatitudes and More  
The Sermon on the Mount sets forth the guidelines for Christians in the Gospel age.

Death and Resurrection 
Matthew’s gospel uniquely provides many details associated with the crucifixion.

Poems and Short Features:
  Matthew the Publican
   How Men Followed Jesus
   “We Three Kings of Orient Are,”