July-August 2005
Theme: Old Testament Rites

Table of Contents

In the Beginning 
Introducing the subject of “Old Testament Rites”

The Covenant of Circumcision
This rite involves the cutting off of the flesh. Baptism has a similar meaning to Christians.

Covenant Sacrifices
The way God made a covenant with Abraham shows that he will surely fulfill what he promised.

The Sure Mercies of David 
God swore an oath that he would bless David. This covenant has four parts.

News and Views
Items of news of interest to Christian believers

Covenant Signs
Signs are often associated with covenants. The keeping of a Sabbath is one example.

The Jewish Influence on Early Church Meetings
Jewish converts could continue to celebrate their feasts, but were not to impose such on the Gentiles.

The flood was a “baptism” for Noah; there are lessons in the dates given with the flood experience.

A Foundation for Understanding Prophecy 
The seven heads of Rev. 17 and Dan. 7 are the same.

Heads and Horns
The seven heads of Revelation 17 are not the same as the seven heads of Daniel 7.

Poems and Short Features:
“Are Ye Able?”
My Morning Resolve
Keep on the Highway
Loss and Sacrifice