March-April 2005
Theme: The Memorial

Table of Contents

In the Beginning
Introduces the theme of The Memorial

Our “Passover” Memorial 
We celebrate or Memorialize our Lord’s death on its anniversary, the fourteenth of Nisan.

The Memorial Supper
This verse-by-verse study of 1 Corinthians 11 shows how some misunderstand the Memorial.

The Cup of Our Lord
All of Jesus’ life experiences, the trials and the triumphs, were in the cup.

News and Views

Why Two Emblems?
The bread symbolizes the ransom sacrifice of Jesus; the cup symbolizes the sin-offering experiences.

Drinking the Cup
Wine or grape juice—both are “fruit of the vine.”

Christ’s Intercessory Prayer
Christ’s prayer recorded in John 17 shows his great love for those the Father gave him.

The Olive Press
The garden of Gethsemane (means oil press) provides a contrast with the garden of Eden.

The Memorial Date
Using Jewish authority to fix Nisan 14 is still appropriate. (Has list of future Memorial dates.)

Poems and Short Features:

   The Napkin
  If We’d Been There
   Prayer of Consecration [hymn]
   Jesus of Nazareth
   The Lonely Olive Mill