May-June 2005
Theme: Difficult Decisions

Table of Contents

In the Beginning
Introducing the subject of “Difficult Decisions”

Decision Making
The principles of making correct Christian decisions.

A man who alternated between deceiving and being deceived

Was Moses Right or Wrong?
Is it ever right to disagree with God?

Renowned for her faith, yet she lied to protect the lives of others

A man who desired a sign from God to verify his will

To Moab and Back
A verse by verse study in the firs chapter of Ruth

Mary and Martha
Which is better—to serve or to listen?

The Prophecy of Agabus
A prediction of danger ignored by the Apostle Paul

A Question of Motive
Concerning Paul’s decision to go through purification rites with four others

Standing Before Caesar
What citizenship rights should the Christian exercise

News and Views
Items of news of interest to Christian believers

Short Features
Inspiring poems and brief quotations