November-December 2005
Theme: The Book of Judges

Table of Contents

In the Beginning (The Book of Judges)

The Book of Judges
This book covers three centuries of Israelís history beginning at the death of Joshua.

Deborah, Gideon, and the LORD 
These two illustrious judges lived at the high point in this period of Israelís history.

Jephthahís Vow 
This great hero of faith did what he vowed to do and became a great judge in Israel.

Thoughts on the Book of Ruth 
The Gentile Ruth became greatly blessed because of her faith. She is a type of the Church.

News and Views 

The Song of Deborah 
A verse-by-verse study in Judges 5.

Samson judged Israel twenty years. He was often alone, shunned even by those he helped.

Samuel, a Prophet and Judge 
Samuel, the last judge of Israel, had great faith in God and was always obedient to that faith.

Restoring a City -- Restoring a World
Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and the damage they wrought.

Poems and Short Features:
     A Person of Character, 
     God Does the Unexpected, 
Take Heed