September-October 2005
Theme: The Holy Spirit

Table of Contents

In the Beginning

Symbols of the Holy Spirit
Many pictures describe the activities of the spirit in our lives.

The Power and the Perception
The work of the holy spirit ranged from creation to inspiring the prophets.

A New Creation
In the New Testament the spirit assumes a new and more personal function.

Spiritual Discernment
A verse by verse study in 1 Corinthian 2 probes Paul’s description of how the spiritual mind works.

Pouring Out the Spirit
The quotation in Acts 2 of Joel 2:28 is examined in the light of the context of each verse.

The Spirit at Pentecost
Provides a different solution to the problem probed in the previous article.

The Witness of the Spirit
How do we know if we are Christ’s or if we are not?

The Fruits of the Spirit
The Christian has a responsibility to develop the character traits known as the fruits of the spirit.

The Power of the Highest
An in-depth look at some of the more difficult texts that discuss the holy spirit in the Bible.

Terror in London
Bible prophecy predicts the troubles of the present time.

News and Views

Short Features
Doves, Lamps, Eyes
Life Through Death
The New Mind
The Spirit at Pentecost
“Greater Works Than These”
Holy Spirit, Faithful Guide