January-November 2006
Theme: The Body

Table of Contents

In the Beginning -- The Body

Head and Body
Jesus Christ is the head, true Christians are his body.

One Body, Many Members 
A verse-by-verse study of 1 Corinthians 12.

Truth in the Inward Parts
Emotions and feeling are well represented by the inner organs of the body.

Life-giving blood nourishes, cleanses, and fights enemies with attack from without.

The Five Senses 
The Bible speaks of appropriate and inappropriate uses of our senses to connect to our environment.

Arm, Hand, and Fingers 
These body parts generally represent the exercise of power, both by God and by man.

Legs, Feet, and Toes
These body parts provide support, balance and locomotion for the body..

The Body of Christ 
We should be grateful for the blessings we receive from those with important functions in the body.

News and Views

Short Features:
     A Person of Character, 
     God Does the Unexpected, 
Take Heed