March-April 2006
Theme: Jesus

In the Beginning -- Jesus

The Firstborn of Every Creature 
From the beginning of time, the Son of God has actively been doing his Father’s will.

Perspectives of a Miraculous Birth
Although seen as a threat by Herod, his nativity was a blessing to his parents, shepherds, and wise men.

A Man Approved by Miracles
His special powers when on earth validated that Jesus was indeed the Messiah.

News and Views

Two Lessons from the Master
Instructing a Samaritan woman and washing his disciples’ feet demonstrate his teaching methods.

My Strength and My Redeemer
He came to earth to die as a ransom for man, a corresponding price for the life of Adam forfeited in Eden.

How Jesus Comforts 
Jesus, as advocate, is also a comforter to his people.

Jesus, the Mediator of the New Covenant
As mediator between God and man, he writes the final chapter in reconciling sinful mankind back to God.

The Dover Dilemma
The debate over evolution vs, intelligent deign rages on

Poems and Short Features:
     Behold!, p. 10
     He Bids Thee “Come,” p. 16
     Teaching with Authority, p. 23
     Kings and Priests, p. 33
     In God’s Eternal Spring [hymn], p. 34
     A Word Portrait of Christ, Back Cover