May-June 2006
Theme: Jesus

In the Beginning -- Exodus

120 Years

First came great blessings, then isolation, finally success: such was Mosesí life.

Seven Ascents

Moses ascended Sinai many times as he worked on behalf of his people.

Descending in Glory

The glory of Mosesí face pictures a kind of glory all who commune with God should express.

The Faces of God 

Moses dared to argue with God and thereby changed the course of history.

News and Views 

Israelís Guiding Light

The miraculous cloud both led the nation and protected the people from the harshness of nature.

The Book of Exodus

Unlike the long span of history described in Genesis, the events in the Bibleís second book took place within a single year.

The Threat of Annihilation
ďAnd except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the electís sake those days shall be shortened.Ē Ė Matthew 24:22

Poems and Short Features:

  Fruit Bearing
I Will Be With Thee
Israelís Call
Onward to the Promised Land