November-December 2006
Theme: Doctrines to Develop Christian Character

In the Beginning

Our Responsibility to the Creator
God expects complete obedience from his human creation

Trusting the Righteousness of God
Rely on Godís justice even in periods of divine punishment

How the Lordís Promise to Abraham Should Change Us
The Abrahanic Promise should induce righteous living in every child of God

Holy Just, and Good
The commandments of God are designed to teach holy living

Christ Died Once for All, and Our Gratitude
God expects thanksgiving from all for the gift of salvation

Jesus; Example, Our Character
No higher standard is given than the life of Jesus of Nazareth

How Christís Example Should Change Our Character
Christianís should follow in the footsteps of Christ

The Sin-Offering and Christian Sacrifice
Suffering can be a profitable learning experience

Resurrection and Faithfulness Unto Death
True hope in a resurrection encourages faithfulness to God

News and Views

Short Features
Human Missionary Efforts are Failing
Law and Health
Whatsoever a Man Soweth . . .
And Finally

Today in Prophecy
Israel vs. the Arab Nations