September-October 2006
Theme: Great Events of the Twenty-first Century

In the Beginning 

The Great Climate Debate
Global warming greatly effects earth’s climatic conditions

New advancements in medical science present serious ethical questions

A World Divided
The polarization of world politics blocks many social advances

A House Divided
The death of John Paul II leaves a church searching for direction

A New World Disorder
Worldwide terrorism introduces a whole new king od warfare

Biblical Earthquakes
Tsunamis, hurricanes, and earthquakes reel te physical world

The Heathen Rage
The awakening of the Third World presents new economic challenges

One Hundred Years Ago
Two clippings from 1906 show drastic world changes

The Madding Pace
A poem for today’s hectic world

News and Views

Uncivil War
Ethnic strife threatens the stability of today’s society

The "people of the book" are now the "people of prophecy."