Logos and Lucifer Contrasted

In the Beginning
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The first creation of God was “the Word.” We can’t be sure who was the second created, but it might have been Lucifer. Each is called a “star” (Revelation 22:16 and Isaiah 14:12, ASV), and, apart from God himself, both were undoubtedly the most beautiful creatures in the heavenly universe.

Lucifer was given responsibility for the newly prepared planet Earth when our first parents were created. What may have looked like a routine assignment turned into a test of fidelity to God. Lucifer reached for the earth and its inhabitants as something that could be his in every sense of the word.

But such a “possession” was not to be as he thought. The “Word,” showing complete dependence upon his Father, was willing to do whatever it took to rescue mankind from this evil one and bring the human race back to God. As always when one battles God, the end is never in doubt.

This issue of The Herald compares and contrasts these two great beings. The words of Isaiah provide a framework for this exploration: “His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6, RSV). These titles roughly correspond to God’s attributes of wisdom, power, love, and justice. The first four articles show how the “Word” (Greek: Logos) embodies these characteristics in every respect.

These are followed by a verse-by-verse examination of the first eighteen verses of the gospel of John, chapter 1. John provides insights about Jesus not found in the other gospels.

The last half of this issue shows how Lucifer has corrupted each of these four attributes: he has used deception instead of wisdom, slander instead of justice, accusation instead of love, and intimidation instead of power.

When God’s plan for blessing the world of mankind is finally accomplished, the great adversary of God will be no more. The “Word” came to our planet as a perfect man, died, was resurrected, and is now in heaven as the owner of the human race. The final act of his kingdom will be to turn back a perfected earth to the Father: “When everything created has been made obedient to God, then shall the Son acknowledge himself subject to God the Father, who gave the Son power over all things. Thus, in the end, shall God be wholly and absolutely God” (1 Corinthians 15:28, Phillips).