July/August 2008

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Theme: Israel at Sixty

In the Beginning (Israel At Sixty)   Audio MP3

The Founding Fathers  Audio MP3
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were men of faith.

Preparation for a Kingdom   Audio MP3
Mankind’s salvation is pictured in the Exodus.

The Kingdom of Israel   Audio MP3
Saul was the first, Zedekiah the last king of Israel.

Israel’s Exile, Captivity, and Restoration  Audio MP3
Only a few resisted the corruption of Gentile empires.

The Hasmonean Dynasty  Audio MP3
The Maccabean revolt and Hasmonean Dynasty takes us to the time of Herod and the birth of Jesus.

News and Views  Audio MP3

Israel in the Time of Christ   Audio MP3
Israel’s leaders worked closely with Rome.

The Great Jewish Diaspora   Audio MP3
Persecution of Jews grew during the “Dark Ages.”

Israel Reawakens   Audio MP3
Nineteenth century Zionism raised Jewish hopes.

Preparing for Statehood   Audio MP3
The road to state hood required a series of small steps.

Israel Today   Audio MP3
War and terrorism still confront Israel today.

Israel’s Near Future   Audio MP3
The Battle of Armageddon is next; then the kingdom.

Poems and Short Features:
     “Israel’s Yearning,”  
Audio MP3
     Hatikva: Israel’s National Anthem,  
Audio MP3
     “Israel’s Call,”  
Audio MP3
     Balfour Declaration,  
Audio MP3
     Declaration Establishing State of Israel,  
Audio MP3
Audio MP3