March/April 2008

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Theme: Symbols of the Passover

In the Beginning (Symbols of the Passover)  Audio MP3

The Passover Lamb  Audio MP3
The characteristics of a sheep demonstrate its appropriateness as a symbol of Jesus Christ.

Blood on the Lintels  Audio MP3
Painting their home’s entrance with blood showed a family’s faith in God.

Unleavened Bread  Audio MP3
Six types of leaven are mentioned in the Bible; all picture sin.

Bitter Herbs  Audio MP3
Eating bitter herbs reminded the Israelites of their bitter experiences in Egypt.

News and Views  Audio MP3

Death of the Firstborn  Audio MP3
Although the firstborns of Israel were spared, God claimed them as his own special possession.

Feet Shod, Staff in Hand  Audio MP3
Shoes and staff are needed for the journey to the promised land.

The Second Month Passover  Audio MP3
A verse-by-verse study of Numbers 9 shows how a problem was solved, and its meaning for the world.

The Bread and the Cup  Audio MP3
Christians do not celebrate the Passover; they do memorialize the death of Jesus Christ.

Poems and Short Features:
  “The Hidden Mystery”
  Audio MP3
“Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me”  Audio MP3
“The Coming of His Feet”  Audio MP3
“Spring—Life Anew”  Audio MP3