May/June 2008

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Theme: The Later Experiences of Paul

In the Beginning
(The Later Experiences of Paul)  Audio MP3

The Justice of Festus  Audio MP3
Paul’s trial before Festus illustrates important principles of Roman law that apply to the Church.

The Divine Training Audio MP3
Paul’s letters to Timothy were primarily meant to help him combat the errors of Gnosticism.

The Last Letter of the Apostle Paul Audio MP3
Paul wrote many letters when he was in a Roman prison. His love for the brethren, and especially ­Timothy, are an inspiration.

Paul’s Perilous Journey  Audio MP3
Paul’s experiences in Acts 27 and 28 provide useful lessons for the Church.

News and Views  Audio MP3

Acts 27, And You Are In It  Audio MP3
The events during the fateful voyage of Acts 27 provide a metaphor for what is happening in the world today.

Paul’s Two-Fold Ministry  Audio MP3
Paul ministered to both the Jew and Gentile. His arguments in the Book of Hebrews provide insights not available elsewhere in the Bible.

The Travels of Paul  Audio MP3
Paul’s missionary journeys picture the seven stages of the gospel Church.

Poems and Short Features: 
    The Scent of Danger 
Audio MP3
“Peace of Mind,” 
Audio MP3