September/October 2008

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Theme: Earth's Glorious Future

In the Beginning (Earth’s Glorious Future Audio MP3

Christ’s Kingdom  Audio MP3
After being taught God’s precepts, man kind will once again be considered “Sons of God.”

The Day of Judgment  Audio MP3
Eternal destiny is not determined at death for non-believers. Their judgment is future.

Perfect Man and His Environment  Audio MP3
A verse-by-verse study of Isaiah 35 and the highway of holiness.

News and Views  Audio MP3

Paradise  Audio MP3
Jesus never promised the thief on the cross that he would not die that day.

The Desire of All Nations  Audio MP3
Man kind’s desire for an Eden-like earth will some day be realized.

Times of Restitution  Audio MP3
On the day of Pentecost, Peter explained what ancient prophets had predicted for everyone.

The Water of Life  Audio MP3
Water flowing from God’s throne will feed and heal all man kind.

Poems and Short Features: 
     “The Song of the Prophets,” 
Audio MP3
     “The Word of Truth,” 
Audio MP3
     “The Oneness of the Family of God,” 
Audio MP3
     Psalm 72 [in meter], 
Audio MP3
     God’s Prophets Speak of the Future,
 Audio MP3
     Carl Hagensick obituary, 
Audio MP3
     “Close Your Eyes for a Moment,”
 Audio MP3