January/February 2009

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Theme: The Armor of God

In the Beginning (The Armor of God)  Audio MP3 

Putting on the Breastplate  Audio MP3
Putting on the breastplate protects our heart against the fiery darts of the Adversary.

Feet Shod  Audio MP3
Our privilege is to publish the glad tidings of Millennial joy and peace by preaching the ransom and its subsequent blessings for all.

Taking the Sword  Audio MP3
The Sword of the Spirit is the Truth of the Word of God as revealed to us by the holy spirit.

News and Views  Audio MP3     

Keeping the Faith  Audio MP3
Keeping the shield of faith is not merely holding on to it, it is obeying it and living a life of faith.

Buckling the Belt  Audio MP3
Truth has the power to keep us free from the Adversary’s deceptions, by serving as an anchor against which situations can be evaluated.

Taking the Helmet  Audio MP3
Our thoughts, words, and actions are to be led by the instruction and teachings of God pictured by the helmet of salvation.

Faithful Servants  Audio MP3
Paul wove into his first letter to Timothy admonition, counsel, exhortation, and encouragement. This verse-by-verse study considers chapter 6.

Poems and Short Features:
   With Unceasing Prayer and Entreaty
 Audio MP3
   Gathering My Saints Together