July/August 2009

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Theme: Dreams and Visions

In the Beginning (Dreams and Visions) Audio MP3

Jacob’s Ladder Audio MP3
Communication with God, shown in this dream, began to be fulfilled by Jesus.

Joseph’s Dreams Audio MP3
Two one-verse dreams picturing Joseph’s future authority incensed his brothers.

The Butler and the Baker Audio MP3
The bread and wine symbols in these dreams are also associated with Jesus at the last supper.

Jacob’s Faith Is Tested Audio MP3
A verse-by-verse analysis of Genesis

News and Views Audio MP3

Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream Audio MP3
The successive world empires that oppressed Israel were described long before they existed.

Transfiguration Audio MP3
This special vision seen by Peter, James, and John, showed Christ’s future glory.

A Vision Introduces a New Age Audio MP3
A devout Gentile has his prayers answered when Peter welcomed him as a disciple of Christ.

The Macedonian Call Audio MP3
The swift change of plans by the apostle Paul after receiving a vision contains important lessons.

Poems and Short Features: